Tree Care: An Introductory Guide
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Tree Care: An Introductory Guide

Palm trees are one of the most decorative and unique trees that you'll find in the warmer, more tropical climates. When properly cared for, these trees can be beautiful and full of foliage. However, knowing how to care for them isn't always easy. That's probably why you're here. If it is, then you're in the right place. This site is dedicated to the care and maintenance of all sorts of trees, including tropical varieties like palm trees. The information on this page can help you to understand which of the basic care steps you can do yourself and which steps are best done by a local tree service.

Tree Care: An Introductory Guide

4 Reasons Why You Should Add Playground Mulch In Your Daycare/School Play Area

Same Peterson

Creating a safe and inviting play area in your school or daycare is one of the best things you can do to help the children grow, learn, and develop. One of the effective ways to create a safe play area is using playground mulch. The mulch can provide a surface for kids to play on, and it is also a safety feature that can keep them from getting injured. Playground mulch comes in many different colors and textures, so it can be used to create a fun and exciting environment for children. Here are four reasons why you should add playground mulch at your school's or daycare's playground:

Keeps Kids Safe from Injuries

Playground mulch is soft so it doesn't hurt if someone falls on it. If your playground is cemented or has gravel, the impact of falling on such grounds can cause serious injuries such as broken bones or lacerations. With playground mulch, you can prevent these types of injuries from happening because the surface is soft enough for children to fall onto without causing any damage to their bodies. If you are looking for a way to make your playground safe and comfortable, adding playground mulch can help you achieve this.

Good First Impression on Parents

When parents arrive at the school or daycare center with their kids, they're going to be looking around at everything in sight. One of the things they'll notice is how clean the playground is and whether or not there are any safety hazards. Adding playground mulch can create a positive impression on parents and give them an incentive to enroll their children with your facility because they will have peace of mind knowing that their children play in a safe environment. 

Preserves the Quality of Your Playground

The quality of your playground surface can last longer when you use playground mulch compared to when it's bare. The mulch can help prevent soil erosion by keeping the ground from becoming too dry or too wet. By keeping moisture levels in check, mulch reduces the possibility of erosion or compaction during heavy traffic times such as recess or lunchtime. This means that your children can play on their new playground longer before you need to replace or remodel the playground surfaces.

It's a Colorful Addition to Your Playground

One of the things that can make playgrounds much fun for kids is when they are colorful, bright places. Playground mulch adds color and texture to the space. Mulch comes in a variety of colors and blends. You can choose from brown, red, green, and more. By adding colorful mulch, you can make the space more inviting for children to play and socialize.

Adding playground mulch to your school's or daycare's play area can improve children's safety and create an inviting environment for the children to play. A professional landscaper can help you set up the mulch so it's appealing and well compacted. Contact a landscaper or tree service—such as Watson's Tree Services-Soil & Mulch—today to help you choose suitable playground mulch for your facility.