Tree Care: An Introductory Guide
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Tree Care: An Introductory Guide

Palm trees are one of the most decorative and unique trees that you'll find in the warmer, more tropical climates. When properly cared for, these trees can be beautiful and full of foliage. However, knowing how to care for them isn't always easy. That's probably why you're here. If it is, then you're in the right place. This site is dedicated to the care and maintenance of all sorts of trees, including tropical varieties like palm trees. The information on this page can help you to understand which of the basic care steps you can do yourself and which steps are best done by a local tree service.

Tree Care: An Introductory Guide

The 3 Universal Tree Trimming Rules For All Tree Species

Same Peterson

If you own property with trees, then it is inevitable they will need pruning and maintenance. Ultimately, the type of trees you have will determine how much time and effort they will require.

For example, some established tree species may only need occasional trimming of broken branches while other tree species will need to be pruned back every year.

Regardless of the variety of trees in your yard, there are three universal tree trimming rules you should comply with to ensure your trees and yourself stay safe and healthy post-pruning. 

These three rules are the following:

Rule #1: Always Disinfect Tree Trimming Tools Between Trees

Cutting a tree creates a wound that needs some time to heal. Until it is healed, the wound will provide an entry point for tree diseases and harmful insects.

Since your tree trimming tools come into direct contact with tree wounds, they must be disinfected between trees. If you go from one tree to the next and prune them all back, then you may spread a tree disease from one to another.

To prevent transferring harmful insects or diseases, always clean off the cutting blades of your pruners with some bleach between trees.

Rule #2: Never Remove More Than a Quarter of a Tree's Growth in a Single Year

Once you start pruning, it is really easy to go overboard and just keep hacking away until you find you've cut half of the tree off. This is one of the easiest ways to kill a tree!

You should never remove more than a quarter of a tree's growth in a single year. Cutting too much growth off at one time can cause the tree to go into shock and die. So, if you need to do a lot of pruning due to excessive branch growth, plan to do so over multiple years.

Rule #3: If You Need a Chainsaw and a Ladder, Then Leave the Job to a Professional Tree Trimming Service

Finally, trimming trees with chainsaws while on ladders is something always better left to professionals.

While it is safe for you to use loppers or even a pole chain saw, once the job requires you to stand on a ladder while using a chain saw, you really should call in the pros.

Many people are seriously injured each year when they cut themselves or fall off ladders attempting to trim large trees. It's just not worth it to take the risk. Look into local tree trimming services near you.